Committee on Cellular Therapy

Steering Committee

Krishna Komanduri, MD Co-Chair

Marcel van den Brink, MD, PhD Co-Chair

A. John Barrett, MD

Catherine Bollard, MD

Colleen Delaney, MD

Ardeshir Ghavamzadeh, MD

Armin Ghobadi, MD,

Saar Gill, MD, PhD

Jonathan A. Gutman, MD

Aisha N. Hasan, MD

Peiman Hematti, MD

Edwin Horwitz, MD

Saad Kenderian, MD

Marcela Maus, MD, PhD

Robert Negrin, MD

Marcelo C. Pasquini, MD, MS

Asha B. Pillai, MD

Jerome Ritz, MD

Elizabeth J. Shpall, MD

Jakub Tolar, MD, PhD

The Committee is charged with providing the ASBMT with a home for cellular therapy by: Providing representation on the Board; Adding more sessions such as tissue repair and regenerative medicine to the BMT Tandem Meetings; Soliciting topical articles for BBMT.

Current Goals

  • Develop joint programs in stem cell and T cell gene therapy with ASGCT
  • Establish and strengthen preferred relationships with other organizations in the field (e.g. AST, ISCT, NMDP, WMDA, WBMT, and ASGCT)
  • Sponsor ASBMT sessions at each organization’s meeting and invite speakers to the BMT Tandem Meetings
  • Require submission of articles on cellular therapy and transplantation biology to BBMT
  • Conduct cellular therapy sessions during the BMT Tandem Meetings

Ongoing Objectives

  • Interact with other societies and plan sessions at their annual meetings
  • Plan second ISCT/ASBMT cell therapy training course
  • Support FACT initiative to develop clinical standards for patients receiving CAR T cells
  • Conduct cellular therapy sessions during the BMT Tandem Meetings
ASBMT Staff Liaison - Mollie Corbett

Membership in the Committee on Cellular Therapy is open to any ASBMT member. Please email with your request to join this committee.