Committee on Quality Outcomes

Steering Committee

Mark Juckett, MD, Co-Chair

Samantha Jaglowski, MD Co-Chair

Andrew Artz, MD

Chris Bredeson, MD, MSc

Daniel Couriel, MD, MS

Dianna Howard, MD

Madan Jagasia, MD

Thomas Klumpp, MD

Leslie Lehman, MD

C. Fred LeMaistre, MD (FACT rep)

Michael Pulsipher, MD

Mohammad Sorror, MD

Ravi Vij, MD

J. Douglas Rizzo, MD, MS (ex-officio)

Sub-Committee on Informatics  (Sub-Committee Mission and Objectives)

The Committee is charged with the development of innovative methods for measuring and reporting transplant center-specific quality based on outcomes of care.

Current Goals

  • Monitor and conform to federal and insurer outcomes monitoring mandates.

  • Serve as an intermediary between transplant centers and CIBMTR to refine quality data submission and reporting.

  • Collaborate with CIBMTR to evaluate and update quality outcome metrics.

  • Initiate evaluation and testing of patient-reported quality of life measurement tools.

  • Collaborate with the National Quality Forum To endorse transplant outcome measures.

  • Collaborate with FACT Clinical Quality Committee to develop strategies to combine process and structural quality measures with quality outcome measures to develop an over-arching quality evaluation strategy.

Ongoing Initiatives

  • Develop strategies to assist underperforming centers to select structural and process improvements most likely to improve quality outcomes (FACT collaboration).

  • Discuss with insurers how their quality data requests could be optimized and made more uniform.

  • Define quality domains for ASBMT and FACT to avoid duplication of effort and strategic conflict.

  • Consider developing a joint FACT/ASBMT Quality Committee

Join the Committee

The Committee on Quality Outcomes is open to any ASBMT member. Please email with your request to join.

ASBMT Staff Liaison - Sarah Amdor