Subcommittee on Informatics

Steering Committee

Charles Martinez, BS, Co-Chair

Mitchell Horwitz, MD, Co-Chair

Erik Bergman

Samantha Jaglowski, MD

Vincent Ho, MD  

Matt Kastigar, MBA

Thomas R. Klumpp, MD

Marcia Latiff, BS, MPH

Martin Maiers, BA

Jane Pollack

Matt Prestegaard, BA 

Ramona T. Repaczki-Jones, MSE

J. Douglas Rizzo, MD, MS

Keith Stockerl-Goldstein, MD

Marcie Riches, MD, MS

Current Goals 

  • Improve systems and methods to help centers submit outcome data electronically to AGNIS/SCTOD.
  • Identify and approve vendors to assist centers to develop relational databases for research/outcome data which can be shared with any BRIDG-compatible system.
  • Collaborate with NCI/NHLBI to develop data standards for SCT.
  • Collaborate with CIBMTR/NMDP to optimize data sharing strategies.
  • Represent center needs to federal agencies, vendors, and CIBMTR/NMDP.

Ongoing Objectives

  • Complete testing of the BRIDG physical model
  • Develop a static interface engine to transmit data between BRIDG and AGNIS in collaboration with NCI/CIBMTR/NMDP/U Minn
  • Issue RFA to identify vendors qualified to help centers use BRIDG.
  • Interact with vendors to encourage adoption of BRIDG/CDE standards.
  • Work with CIBMTR to stabilize data models for future versions of the TED and research CIBMTR forms 6) Work with NMDP to develop methods of electronic sharing of donor data.
ASBMT Staff Liaison - Angie Dahl