2018 FACT Standards & Accreditation Workshop at APBMT

FACT Standards and Accreditation Workshop at the APBMT Meeting in Taipei

Join the Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy (FACT) on Friday, November 2, from 13:30 to 17:30, for a workshop designed to provide an overview of FACT Standards and accreditation. Presenters include Dr. Nadim Mahmud (Chair, FACT Global Affairs) and Dr. Phyllis Warkentin (FACT Chief Medical Officer).

Topics include:

  • FACT Cellular Therapy Standards
  • Overview of FACT Accreditation Process
  • Common Citations
  • Benefits, value, and cost of accreditation
  • Developing a Quality Management Program to Improve Outcomes
  • Asia-Pacific Accreditation Perspectives:

      Singapore: Dr. Tan Lip Kun - National University Health System

      India: Dr. Vivek Radhakrishnan - Tata Medical Center

      China: Dr. Yen-Michael Hsu - FACT Inspector

The intended audience for this workshop is cellular therapy programs, hospital administrators, payers, health insurers, pharma companies, and governmental agencies interested in learning about international FACT accreditation.


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