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The paper “Optimal Practices in Unrelated Donor Cord Blood Transplantation for Hematologic Malignancies” will be in the June 2017 issue of BBMT (June 2017 - Volume 23, Issue 6, Pages 882–896) and is now on the BBMT website here.  

Minutes from the February 2017 Cord Blood SIG Meeting

The Minutes from the latest Cord Blood SIG meeting can be found here.   

Steering Committee of the
Cord Blood Special Interest Group

Juliet Barker, MD, Co-Chair,
Elizabeth Shpall, MD, Co-Chair,
Joanne Kurtzberg, MD
Claudio Brunstein, MD, PhD
Colleen Delaney, MD
Filippo Milano, MP, PhD
Ioannis Politikos, MD

ASBMT Staff Liaison - Elizabeth Jones


The Cord Blood Special Interest Group (CB-SIG) will provide a national and international forum to promote the use of cord blood for the transplantation of patients with diseases of the blood and bone marrow. The CB SIG will also support the development of CB-derived cellular therapies and regenerative medicine applications.

Why You Should Join

By joining the CB-SIG, members will contribute to specific cord blood initiatives, including:

  • Interacting with CB banks, regulators and accrediting bodies to promote the optimal quality of CB products
  • Promoting optimal practices in the clinical conduct of CB transplantation for the treatment of diseases of the blood and bone marrow
  • Working with the CB banking and transplant communities to develop cost-saving approaches to optimal therapy
  • Promoting clinical, translational and laboratory CB research
  • Accelerating the investigation of CB-derived cellular therapies and regenerative medicine applications
  • Promoting CB banking and transplantation through interactions with the National Marrow Donor Program, the Health Resources and Services Administration, the Food and Drug Administration and other government funding agencies, and the Cord Blood Association.

How You Can Join

Membership in the CB-SIG is open to any ASBMT member. Diverse representation should include transplant physicians and other health care providers, along with scientists and professionals involved in cytotherapy laboratories and CB banking. Members will be required to:

  • Actively participate in SIG quarterly meetings via phone as needed and an annual in-person meeting at BMT Tandem Meetings
  • Support SIG initiatives, especially the development and implementation of a research agenda
  • Seek and provide feedback on research questions, data sources, study proposals and funding opportunities.

If you would like to join the CB-SIG, you must first be a member of the ASBMT. If you are already a member of ASBMT, send an email to to join this SIG.


Read the Cord Blood SIG charter for more information on the SIG's purpose, membership and committees, including committee composition, selection and responsibilities.